Check out these 5 cool pizza concepts in Bahrain!

From thick to thin, Neapolitan to New York, stuffed crust to melting cheese, the choices for the great pizza in Bahrain are aplenty. Here are 5 of our picks this week!

Secco by Cofféa

Secco by Cofféa is a new Italian x coffee joint located at Block 338. They have been creating a hype among bloggers and foodies alike for their yummy pizzas and pastas as well as their mouthwatering desserts (and aesthetic Instagram visuals)!


You may have seen the eye-catching pizza boxes of this local joint on your feed! Apart from their clever marketing and packaging, PRO. is known for their straightforward pizza on the go. Just recently, they launched heart-shaped pizzas for a limited period and they were fire!

Melting Pizza

Melting cheese. Thick crust. It can’t get any better than that! This pizza joint offers a variety of flavors like chicken buffalo, cheeseburger, as well as dessert options like Nutella and marshmallow.

Urban Slice

Urban Slice serves authentic New York style pizza which means each slice you’ll be getting there is large, hand tossed, and crisp around the edges! And by large we mean LARGE!

Crazy Pizza

Crazy Pizza is crafting up some “crazy” options for pizza lovers in Bahrain! Apart from their signature black dough crust, the pizzeria features unique flavors including a vegan Bloody Mary pizza, smoked salmon and capers, among others.