Careem continues to build connections and give back to the community

Careem is increasingly becoming the internet platform for the region, but right from the start, they have always been focused on what they can do for people.

Ramadan was a time of giving back to the community, being together and spending time with our loved ones and as such, a perfect opportunity to reconnect with what is important. That’s why Careem kept encouraging people to Build Connections.

They did that by empowering refugees, education and building connections through acts of togetherness, kindness, and giving – and empowering you to give as well.

Careem launched REWARDS earlier this year and every trip you take will earn you points. Those points can be redeemed and used to perform charitable actions like helping a family with the essentials. Throughout Ramadan, Careem matched any points donation that you make, doubling the impact of your goodwill.

Careem captains are the foundation of the company, hence, they were another main focus. Throughout the month of Ramadan, Careem connected their captains with their families over Iftar. Using a live call set up that allowed the captains to see their families and engage with them over Iftar, they also gave these captains round trip tickets to go back home and visit them.

Through improving mobility Careem is constantly promoting connections and making it easier to physically stay in touch with those who mean the most to you with an extreme effort to help those in need in our region and giving you the opportunity to do the same.