Capturing Emotions: Interview with Photographer Glenn Dulay

Bahrain Confidential shares a conversation with Bahrain-based photographer, Glenn Dulay about weddings, photography and more.

What was your career path? How did you get from being an aspiring photographer to actually doing it full time, for a living?

Currently, I aim to enhance my knowledge in events and lifestyle photography. I started photography as a hobby in 2009. I was a member of a local photography group (Middle East Shutter Squad & Gulf Photographer Network) back then and it’s where I learned much of the basics from fellow members. Then I became more interested of it so I started doing my own research to gain further knowledge until I eventually become inclined to events – particularly wedding.

What do you say is your stylistic approach to weddings?

My goal is to capture the highlights and emotions of the event. I want my bride and groom to have photos that would remind them of the story behind every image and bring back fond memories.

What can a couple expect when working with you?

My client expectations and desire are what’s most important. I have an inclusive approach and involve the couple in the process; I always see to it that I meet them for a chat to better know them and share ideas. Time is essential, so they can always expect a timely hand-over of the images.

Can you share a little about what you aim to capture on pre-nuptial photo shoots and weddings?

When I do a pre-nuptial photo shoot, I usually recommend a theme that’s closest to the couple (ie. hobbies they do together, where & how they met etc.) as I want it to be as natural and realistic as possible.

But then again it always depends on the chosen theme of my clients. What is important is that they are comfortable and that they enjoy the whole process and think less of it as a photoshoot. With weddings, as I mentioned earlier, my goal is to capture the highlights and emotions of the event.

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What technology/equipment do you use to shoot weddings?

For equipment/technology, I make sure that I use the best equipment that the market has to offer. I use a Full Frame camera from Canon and L Series Lenses. I also use a Medium Format camera from Fuji and another Full frame from Sony as well. Profoto Speedlight’s and studio strobe are a few of the lights I use in events.

What’s makes you unique?

Every photographer is unique in their own way. What I can assure my clients are my support and patience in the process. I try my level best to always be flexible and accommodating.

For more information: glenndulay.com | @glenndulay