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Bugatti Unveils the Tourbillon: A New Era in Hyper Sports Cars


In 2004, Bugatti revolutionized automotive luxury and performance with the Veyron, a 1,001-hp marvel. This was followed in 2016 by the Chiron, boasting 1,500 hp. At the core of these legends was the 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 engine. Now, Bugatti reinvents itself with the Tourbillon, introducing a completely new powertrain and platform.

Bugatti CEO Mate Rimac explains that the Tourbillon draws from the brand’s 115-year legacy, guided by Ettore Bugatti’s principle: “If comparable, it is no longer Bugatti.” Inspired by iconic models like the Type 57SC Atlantic, Type 35, and Type 41 Royale, the Tourbillon embodies beauty, performance, and luxury. Unlike its predecessors, it doesn’t use the W16 engine, marking a new chapter for Bugatti. The name “Tourbillon” pays homage to a timeless French watchmaking innovation, signifying complexity and elegance.

Every Bugatti is ‘shaped by speed,’ and the Tourbillon is no exception. Its design combines aerodynamic efficiency with historical elements like the horseshoe grille and the Bugatti Line. The lowered roofline and sharp curves give the car a dynamic stance. Advanced technologies like a hidden rear wing and a new diffuser concept ensure stability and performance at speeds exceeding 400 km/h.

Bugatti aims for a timeless interior with the Tourbillon, avoiding rapidly outdated digital screens. The cabin features an analogue instrument cluster crafted by Swiss watchmakers, made from over 600 parts and designed to last for generations. The centre console blends crystal glass with anodized aluminium, showcasing the intricate workings of the car’s controls. Despite its luxurious design, the interior prioritizes practicality and comfort, making it suitable for long trips and daily use.

The Tourbillon is powered by an all-new 8.3-litre naturally aspirated V16 engine developed with Cosworth, paired with three electric motors. This hybrid setup delivers a combined 1,800 hp, with 1,000 hp from the engine and 800 hp from the electric motors. The 25 kWh battery allows for a range of over 60 km on electric power alone. Despite its powerful performance, the Tourbillon is lighter than its predecessor, the Chiron.

Built on a new T800 carbon composite chassis, the Tourbillon incorporates innovative weight-saving technologies. The suspension and brakes feature advanced materials and designs, enhancing performance and stability. Michelin tyres and a bespoke brake system ensure optimal grip and stopping power.

Set for release in 2026, only 250 units of the Tourbillon will be produced, each priced at 3.8 million EUR. Hand-assembled in Molsheim, this new model follows the final W16-powered Bugatti models. The Tourbillon promises to be a timeless icon, blending cutting-edge technology with Bugatti’s storied heritage.

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