Bringing Internationally Renowned Art Collections to the Island

The award-winning 5-star boutique hotel, The Merchant House Bahrain has introduced exquisite new art pieces that include international and world-famous artists Warhol, Picasso, Hirst, and Jisbar, curating a new kind of travel and cultural experience, rooted in the interests of the local and international community who have an appreciation for art and culture.

Justin Kim, General Manager of The Merchant House, shared “The Merchant house believes that art has the power to connect and engage with the guests and the unique ambience that we created with art and our personalised service can enrich the guest experience to be memorable ones. We’ve extended our art collection with the world’s most famous art gems and will continue to feature and support both local and regional talent by being one of the only hotels in the region to secure a place for such an outstanding art collection of this calibre.”

With every architectural and culinary detail crafted to convey a luxurious vibe, the hotel has been welcoming its guests into a community of creativity, luxury, exclusivity, culture, and art. The guest experience commences from the exterior of the building, where the historic side of Manama is displayed through the iconic Bab Al Bahrain, the getaway to Manama’s traditional souq. The hotel has a growing collection of more than 200 pieces featuring up and coming local Bahraini artists in addition to, the world-famous art pieces like The Marilyn Diptych by Andy Warhol, Luxe Pearl Earring by Jisbar and Kristjana S Williams’s Singjandi Holur Blue Ocean.

The most striking art piece when you enter The Merchant House is the graffiti pillar that stands tall by the local artist Mustafa Al Halwachi. You can enjoy sipping your coffee or tea at Cafe Gray while admiring the unique art collection or you can read a book at the library while admiring Picasso’s Picador Bull bullfighting Horse famous art piece. Every floor of the hotel includes spaces for art in the hallways and even the elevator!

The art collection is displayed throughout the different areas of the hotel, each floor and room features unique art pieces, including historic photographs from Bahrain house of photography. The property has 46 luxury suites that include an open-plan-sitting room, a kitchen with a dining area, and a spacious bedroom. There are a lot of famous art gems located in the suites by different local and regional artists. You will have to spend a few nights to get the chance to see the best of them, keeping in mind that The Merchant House is one of the only hotels in the region to cater both local and international art pieces in one place! Such initiatives support Bahrain’s tourism efforts to be a hub for culture and art in the region.