Bringing the heat ‘Downtown’!

The Deep Melody Band from the InterContinental is bringing you more heat this summer with their beats.

It’s 40 degrees outside and the nights are no better. The humidity only gets worse. Even the voices of Enya, Adele and Reiki can’t take our minds off the heat and maybe that’s why we need to be heading ‘downtown’ to the InterContinental!

Unleash your passion for music and head down to Downtown at the Intercontinental Regency Hotel where their new Cuban band “Deep Melody” will keep you dancing all night long! With spacious, vibrant interiors and crowd-pleasing food and beverage menus, you’re guaranteed a night to remember

What better way to beat the heat than let out some steam? The “DEEP MELODY BAND” is a band founded in the year 2015 after their members returned from different work contracts in México, Italy and the Federative Republic of Brazil. They graduated from noted Conservatories of Music of Cuba.

The repertory of the band embraces national and international genres as Cha cha chá, Son, Mambo, Boleros, Ballads, Meringue, Bachatas, Salsa, Reggaetón, Pop, House, Sertanejo and others. The band also make versions of popular topics of different authors and also includes unpublished topics of the Band since their four musicians are composers. The repertory is interpreted in different languages like Spanish, English and Portuguese.

If you can’t beat them, join them right? So let’s create more heat and fire up the dance floor. Dance to the fiery beats the Deep Melody Band makes everyday except Monday from 8:00pm till late.

For more information and reservations, call +973 3966 9275.