Bringing the diversity topic up to speed in the 21st century by Luna Hageali

Wherever you may be in the world reading this “Ask yourself” What reaction instinctively surfaces when you hear the word Diversity? Does it have a “possibilities and hopeful” ring to it? Or is it a “hush hush” thing which has a negative or ambiguous tone by default.

Like many generations and professionals alike most people aren’t conscious of it meaning. More importantly its current growing and future impacts on the health of social and business dynamics and world leadership. At a glance by basic definition diversity is the acceptance and respect of others irrespective of their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, personality or socioeconomic status.

Numerous studies, blogs and extensive research benchmark and share the stories of how much diversity has a tremendous positive affect on conceptualising creative ideas, innovation and team dynamics. Think of diversity as the old “superfood” which advocates are (at all costs) bringing to spotlight more and more in efforts to make industries across the world more conscious. Its past due!

“Women are the most untapped talent resource in the world.” –Hilary Clinton

Women are not statistically a minority in most societies. However currently they do not share the same power, access or equality of opportunities in the workplace and have fewer privileges than men.  What are its possible contributors to this? On the macro surface in a general sense we could say; misogyny throughout history and its dynamics, social heredity, cultural practice and other influences, … On the micro we could challenge our own perceptions as both women and men.

As a career woman single parenting I often check in with my own unconscious bias-level of self-belief, confidence- “Am I enough”? What do I want for myself?  DO I have a choice? Can I be a good mother and career woman? Can I have it all? IS it ok? What would they think?

As a man with women in their lives (Mothers, sisters, daughters, employees etc.) they could challenge their own perceptions and mine for any unconscious bias regarding the above. What could shift as a result?

The urgency to acknowledge the presence, value added and implications sooner than later will forever impact everyone. To be discussed…

Luna Hageali is a certified Management Developer with 20+ years global experience of working with organizations and individuals to maximize their potential.
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