Brilliant ideas on how to make money on Valentine’s Day

1. Invest in Valentine’s Day goodies

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Charity Komoh of Jospah Florists in Nairobi says it doesn’t take much capital to make money from selling flowers. Currently, a bouquet of red roses costs Sh(Kenya shilling)600 at City Market in Nairobi and can be resold in other parts of the city at anything from Sh1,000.

2. Plan dates

plan dates 2

To spare many people, particularly men, the agony of an unhappy partner, why not offer to organise romantic dates for various budgets? You can start with that colleague or friend who’s confided in you that they don’t know what to do for their partners next week.

Come up with a variety of options for various budgets after looking up locations, photographers, restaurants, transport options and so on. Since the day falls on a Wednesday this year, it’s unlikely that people will have the whole day to romance their partners. Therefore, come up with lunch or dinner options, and throw in a gift basket with flowers and/or candy that can be delivered some time during the day.

3. Charge for a singles party

charge for a singles party

Not too many people put much thought into their relationship status until February 14 rolls around. To give them a chance at finding love, or to simply catch up with people they may have lost touch with, consider throwing a singles party.

No reason why you can’t make money during Valentine’s!

Source Credit: Eve Woman