The Brand that is ME by Luna Hageali

We are all our own walking brands. I’m Brand Luna! I say this because as I progressed up the career ladder, I noticed more and more it wasn’t about my abilities. In fact, it had a great deal to do with what people’s perceptions were of me.

Based largely on what they saw (because it’s quicker) and what they experienced through their own mind filters. Early on, I aligned myself with this ‘unfairness’ instead and got a lot out of it.

As a brand, I realized the importance of mindfully connecting to the message I was sending. I saw this in layers of: self-confidence, attitude, behavior, personal image and wardrobe choices, my skills, and how evolving/blending these enabling me to have greater influence on people perceptions and my purpose work.

At the very core of your personal brand is your personal mastery.  How you ‘surf or tread’ through life’s spiritual lessons and situations. Learning to develop your perceptions and attitudes with life’s changes helps you go with the flow and reap some benefits through personal growth. NO matter your situation or past.

What a huge difference it makes in your life when you tap into the Brand that is ‘You’ and pay attention to nurturing this.

It’s like you’re standing on 4 legs instead of 2 wobbly ones. How do you achieve it?

Getting into your own Personal Alignment; how you care for yourself and what are your personal rituals that make you feel WHOLE. Food and thoughts. Feeling “I’m Enough”.

Projecting a Professional Image How you decide to present yourself; finished look either sporty, smart casual or business formal depending on the situation. This actually makes you feel good! Navigating your attitude and business image via positive demeanor, protocol, diplomacy and etiquette.

Managing Time and Pressure Not being a YES MAN/WOMAN Working smart and not long hours, being productive/getting results and having time to live your life!

For anyone interested in learning more about their own brand, please reach out for a personal discovery call.

Your time to rise is now.

Luna Hageali is a certified Management Developer with 20+ years global experience of working with organizations and individuals to maximize their potential.
Mobile: +973 3203 0129