The Best Things in Life are Sweet!

Le Chocolat unveils their reinvented range of desserts.

Le Chocolat has become one of the most recognized French gourmet patisserie and casual dining restaurants in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is a first class café and gourmet bakery that serves everything you might fancy! Last month, Chef Ziad and his team launched the reinvented and redesigned pastries especially crafted for their diners. The new range includes six desserts: Mix French Macaroons Basket, Le Chocolat Special, Samba (Cloud Design), Banana Pudding, Vanilla Raspberry and Sienna.

A massive selection of cakes awaited me as I walk through the elegant ornamentation of Le Chocolat. I couldn’t quite decide which cakes to try at first so I sought help from the friendly staff of the restaurant. After a few minutes of going back and forth the wide array of cakes, I decided to try the Lotus Cheesecake and the Strawberry Pistachio Forest (I’m glad I did!). It only took me a bite to fall in love with the decadent Lotus cream as well as the light and creamy cheesecake. Just when I thought my experience couldn’t get any better, the fresh strawberries from the pistachio forest left me wanting for more. The delight didn’t stop there as I indulge in the vanilla custard while I sip on my latte.