Beautify your space with these decor ideas!

Incorporate these aesthetically pleasing ideas into your house and elevate the look of your personal space and surroundings. Embrace the holy and elegant spirit of Eid and celebrate it with splendid decorations and DIY ideas that are quick and easy to achieve, complementing its vibe. 

Crescent Moons & Stars

Moons and Stars are in general pleasing to glare at. These can include wall stickers, led lights, ceiling/wall hangers, dream catchers or wind chimes containing these elements to be put up at various corners of the house to fabricate a positive and serene environment bringing in light into your room and your life altogether. 

Luminous lanterns and candles

Lanterns or candles fill the space where little to no light is needed, especially in the balcony past sunset or at bedtime. This assists in creating a soothing vibe in the overall ambience of a place. Hang these beautiful pieces emitting light and happiness in the dark corners or on a centre table of a room to set the mood. One of the many pretty sources would also include wrapping around fairy lights. 

Incense sticks and scented candles 

 Smell plays subconsciously a prominent part in setting the ambience of a particular place in entirety. A very mild scent with less intensity encompassing you will not only help put you in a good frame of mind but also put your mind and body at peace. Light up a few incense sticks and put them in a centralised location at your home to ensure its aura cleansing as a whole. 

Floral arrangements

Flowers might be the first thing that comes to mind while deliberating adornments. Pick and choose your favourite coloured flowers that complement your wall patterns and other furnishings at your home. These arrangements could include installing artificial flowers or bouquets in a large and elegant vase, hanging flower veins to an empty wall or surrounding a mirror.