Batelco hosted a virtual Ramadan media Ghabga!

Batelco hosted its Ramadan Ghabga for local media on Wednesday, April 21st, for the second year in a row!

The meeting was held virtually to ensure that the Company complied with the preventive measures relating to gatherings.

Representatives from the local media, including daily newspapers, magazines and TV, were present along with all members of Batelco’s Corporate Communications team.

A joyful atmosphere marked the virtual gathering as all invitees joined in lively conversation with each other.

During the meeting, Batelco added more excitement with a raffle draw offering a selection of prizes for all attendees.

In addition, earlier in the day, all the attendees received a delivery of a Ghabga Box to their homes, which was arranged in collaboration with the Four Seasons Hotel.

“I would like to thank all media professionals and media organizations for their efforts to present the Kingdom of Bahrain in the best way, and for their commitment in covering Batelco’s news and events throughout the year, both in print and on their social media channels, as well as their efforts to highlight the telecommunications sector in general in Bahrain, and Batelco in particular” Batelco Corporate Affairs & CSR General Manager, Shaikh Bader bin Rashid Al Khalifa, said.