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Bahrain’s Vibrant Music Scene:Here are 10 Bands that are Making Waves on the Island!


Bahrain is making a big splash in the world of music. Known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant arts scene, it is also a home to a diverse array of musicians who are pushing the boundaries of traditional and contemporary sounds. From the rhythmic beats of Arabic music to the soulful melodies of Western genres, Bahrain’s music scene is as diverse as it is dynamic.

Keep reading to find out more about 10 Bahraini bands that are making waves, both locally and internationally, with their unique sounds and captivating performances. These bands are not only redefining Bahrain’s music scene, but they’re also putting the island nation on the global music map.


Bloodshel is a band that has been making a name for itself in Bahrain’s heavy metal scene. Known for their intense performances and powerful lyrics, Bloodshel is a band that isn’t afraid to push boundaries and explore the darker side of music.

You can enjoy their music by visiting their Youtube!

Cactus Live

Cactus Live brings a refreshing twist to the Bahraini music scene with their fusion of rock and blues. Their energetic performances and catchy tunes have quickly made them a crowd favourite at local music festivals and events.

Find out more on their instagram!

Kushari Band

The Kushari Band is a group of musicians who are passionate about bringing the sounds of Egypt to Bahrain. Their music is a flavourful mix of traditional Egyptian melodies and contemporary beats.

Check them out on their Facebook!


With a name as intriguing as their music, Do You Really Like It? is a band that challenges the status quo. Their eclectic mix of genres, from indie rock to electronic, offers a unique sound that is both innovative and captivating.

Their music is available for streaming on Spotify!

Mission to the Moon

Mission to the Moon, a Bahraini-based band, defies gravity with their captivating indie sound. Their music takes listeners on a celestial journey, blending dreamy melodies with introspective lyrics.

You can catch their tunes on YouTube, Spotify, Anghami or Apple Music!

The Relocaters

The Relocaters are Bahraini-based band with music that offers a unique blend of Rock, Indie, and Blues that resonates with a wide audience.

Their tracks can be found on their website!

Motör Militia

Motör Militia is a prominent metal band based in Bahrain, known for their relentless thrash metal sound. With a career spanning over 20 years, they have established themselves as Bahrain’s premier metal band, captivating audiences with their high-energy performances and aggressive musical style.

Their music is accessible for streaming on YouTube, Spotify, or their website!

Fluorescent Ink

Fluorescent Ink is an alternative rock band hailing from Bahrain. Known for their energetic performances and unique sound, the band has gained popularity in the local music scene. Their music combines elements of alternative rock, indie, and post-punk, creating a distinct and captivating sound.

You can enjoy their music by visiting their profiles on YouTube, Spotify, Anghami or Apple Music.

BG Harmony

BG Harmony is a band that lives up to its name. Their music is a harmonious blend of various genres, from jazz to pop, creating a sound that is both soothing and invigorating.

Follow their instagram for more information!

Majaz Music

The band’s music often reflects the rich cultural diversity of Bahrain, incorporating influences from Arab, Persian, and Indian musical traditions. Majaz Music’s performances are known for their energetic and captivating style, captivating audiences with their skill-full musicianship and vibrant stage presence.

Check out their music on YouTube, Spotify, Anghami or Apple Music!

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