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Bahrain’s Dadabhai Travel Partners With Blue Ribbon Bags To Provide Lost and Delayed Luggage Services


Bahrain-based Dadabhai Travel and American technology company, Blue Ribbon Bags have partnered to offer customers competitive Delayed and Lost Luggage Protection services. The partnership was finalised at the recently held Arabian Travel Market in Dubai.

Said to cost less than a cup of coffee at most airports, Blue Ribbon Bags aims to deliver any lost or misplaced luggage within 96 hours of being reported missing or travellers will receive a generous compensation package to make up for any essential items that may have been lost; no proof of contents required. 

Siraj Shah, Senior VP and Partner at Blue Ribbon Bags said, “We are thrilled to partner with Dadabhai Travel. Blue Ribbon Bags’ expertise in luggage protection and recovery, combined with Dadabhai Travels’ commitment to delivering exceptional travel solutions and unique benefits, will empower travellers with peace of mind and reliability.

Adarsh Mehta, Partner and Sales Rep at Blue Ribbon Bags added, “With our expertise in baggage tracking and recovery services, Dadabhai Travel can now offer an added layer of support to their travellers. Our innovative technology and dedication to customer satisfaction perfectly complement Dadabhai Travel’s renowned reputation for delivering exceptional travel experiences. This partnership exemplifies our significant and rapid growth in the GCC region, and we look forward to unlocking new opportunities and shaping the future of travel together.”

Adnan Gilitwala Director of Dadabhai Travel says “We are very excited to take the customer experience to the next level with Blue Ribbon Bags. Travel Insurance is a standard component of most trips for the average passenger, but Blue Ribbon Bags is a proactive luggage service that is often something the customer wishes they had added to their itinerary in the inevitable event that their bags are mishandled. It is becoming more and more common for luggage to be misplaced or mishandled and the peace of mind associated with having this service is more than worth the price paid for it. We believe that this addition to our portfolio of products will help elevate the travellers’ experience and ensure that no stone is left unturned when preparing for your next trip.”

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