Bahrain’s cultural site sign boards now have QR codes!

The Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities for the first time has introduced the QR Code to sign boards at the historical and cultural sites.  

The first stage of this development includes 12 sites: A´ali East, Burial Mound Field, A´ali West Burial Mound Field, Ain Umm Al Sujur Archaeological Site, Al-Hajar Dilmun and Tylos Cemeteries, Madinat Hamad 1 Burial Mounds Field (Buri), Madinat Hamad 2 Burial Mounds Field (Karzakkan), Madinat Hamad 3 Burial, Mounds Field (Dar Kulyb), Jannusan Tylos Necropolis, The Diraz Temple, Saar Archaeological Site, A´ali Early Islamic Settlement and Shakhura Tylos Cemetries. 

Visitor can view detailed information in the form of short videos or written text in both Arabic and English by scanning the QR code at the site using mobile phones and smart devices.