Bahraini Women’s Day: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

The 1st of December is a proud day for the mothers, daughters, sisters and all women of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Want to know more about this special day? Scroll down!


The first Bahraini Women’s Day was launched by HRH Princess Sabeeka in 2008. It was held under the theme, “She read… She learned… She contributed”, which, in turn, was coined to celebrate 80 years since the start of formal education for women in the Kingdom.

Marked on the 1st of December every year, the occasion celebrates Bahraini women and their contributions to shaping the identity of a modern, forward-thinking society that seeks to preserve the principles of equality in the national development process.

The theme aptly expresses the crucial role women play in building the Bahrain of today and speaks to the tangible benefits of their contributions as partners in national development. It also tells the story of how Bahraini women’s roles have evolved, beginning with the first generation of female pioneers who read and learned, and how the women of today continue to help build their society with the same enthusiasm and determination.


Bahraini Women’s Day has had several themes over the years:

  • 2008 Women in Education
  • 2009 Women in Health Security
  • 2010 Women in Volunteer Work
  • 2011 Women in Economic Development
  • 2012 Women in Sports
  • 2013 Women in Media
  • 2014 Women in Military
  • 2015 Women in Banking and Finance
  • 2016 Women in Legal and Justice Fields
  • 2017 Women in Engineering
  • 2018 Women in Legislative and Municipal Work
  • 2019 Women in Higher Education and Future Sciences
  • 2020 Women in the Diplomatic Field