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#BahrainBios: Bahrain-based DJ Samy AKA Infrared


Just recently, we had the chance to talk to DJ and producer, Samy  (@djsamy.infrared) who is currently making a buzz in the Kingdom’s music scene.

When were you first inspired by music and underground culture?

I was always drawn to electronic music in general. After a trip around Europe, specifically Berlin, I discovered a new culture and taste to the electronic sound, which kept growing on me the more I dived deeper into it!

Photo by Aigul Nigmatullina

What brought you to the music scene in Bahrain?

Being around music and being around friends who all had varied tastes in music. I also started out as a drummer when I was young, however, I was more into hip hop in my younger days. I even went through a rapper phase! I eventually settled on DJing, music production and events, which I found myself enjoying the most. 

What has been your favorite venue/location you’ve played at so far?

That would surely be Calexico! It’s the perfect spot for an underground event or any other. 

Tell us about your creative process  – from an idea to your final product perspective.

I’m not very sure if I have an actual process. The creativity waves flow in and I do my best to put these ideas into plan, in a way that makes sense, is enjoyable, unique and shows attention to detail. This applies to all aspects of what I do. 

Any upcoming events you’re particularly excited for?

I’m excited for all the events happening in Bahrain. There’s been a lot of hard work and effort put in by a lot of individuals or teams who care about providing people with the means of a good time and entertainment. From artists and promoters to sound technicians, and more. It’s cool to see the music scene in Bahrain growing stronger every day.

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