The Bahrain The To-Do List this January

Short on ideas? We’ve got you covered. 

On the Road II

Artist Zuhair AlSaeed
7 – 31 January 2018
Where: The Art Centre

On the Road 2 is a continuation of Zuhair AlSaeed’s exhibition (On the Road 1) showcased in 2015. The On the road series will continue to document the memory of the roads and its relations to the locals’ childhood (at a certain time) through artworks. AlSaeed works on nostalgic elements and the pining to the past in a fast moving world where memories are no longer kept.

The 44th Bahrain Annual Fine Arts Exhibition

17 January – 7 March 2018
Where: Arad Fort

In its 44th edition, the Bahrain Annual Fine Arts Exhibition celebrates the creativity and ingenuity of the artists in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Every year, the art community gathers to present their finest work, uninhibited by a subject or theme. The result is a colourful display of styles, techniques, through different mediums of expression. Under the patronage of HRH Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, the Prime Minister of Bahrain, the exhibition this year presents a collection of local and International artists residing in Bahrain.

Between Muharraq and Seville

A Bolza – Bussad Dialogue
20 January – 20 March 2018
Where: Bahrain National Museum

Exploring the beauty of Arabic calligraphy and the mystery of the Arabic language, the collaboration between Bahraini artist Ebrahim Bussad and Orientalist artist based in Spain Elisabeth Bolza creates an artistic dialogue that connects East and West through a series of collage works about the city of Muharraq.

food is culture logo
Food is Culture III
22 – 25 January 2018
Where: Bahrain National Museum

Food is Culture is a creative experimental project that aims to bridge together the mediums of art and food. Running in parallel with the Bahrain Annual Fine Arts Exhibition, this experiment sheds light on creative processes that take place when two individuals (from different creative disciplines) collaborate. Every year five artists and five chefs get together and work to produce a creative product; be it a painting, installation, video, cake, drink, all or something completely different. The result of their two months’ work, which is documented in a short film and a publication, will be presented during the course of the week, where they share and display their collective creations.