Bahrain Summer Festival Continues its Activities for the 3rd Week in a Row

The Bahrain Summer Festival, keeping us “Together Virtually” for its twelfth edition, continues to enrich the Kingdom of Bahrain’s cultural landscape through a variety of online and live-streamed activities, presenting an array of international artistic performances, workshops, tours and much more to its audiences.  

The live-streamed performances start on Sunday, August 16, with three consecutive shows beginning with the “Palestinian Folk Arts Band,” broadcast in cooperation with the Palestinian Embassy, during which the group mixes dances inspired by authentic Palestinian folklore and modern styles. The second performance of this day is presented by the “Al Takht” band, in cooperation with the Kuwaiti Embassy, delighting viewers with musical and lyrical styles of the Gulf’s folkloric arts such as Al-Sout, Samaritan, Al-Qadri, Al-Yamani, Adani and others. The Police Band, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior, will conclude the day’s performances with a mixture of musical genres, blending military music with authentic Bahraini sounds. 

Held in cooperation with the Moroccan Embassy, the Bahrain Summer Festival presents the “Daqqa de Marrakech” folk show on August 17. On August 19, “Vocal Trash” will shed light on environmental sustainability and spread awareness on social issues, held in cooperation with the US Embassy in the Kingdom. The final performance of the week, held on August 21 in cooperation with the Jordanian Embassy, is the play “White Crow” which ponders philosophical ideations of good and evil.  

The third week of the Bahrain Summer Festival is packed with multiple workshops, starting with a singing workshop led by “Vocal Trash” aiming to spread social awareness on peace and environmental issues, enabling children to make a positive change through art. In cooperation with the Turkish embassy in Bahrain, a workshop on Chinese ceramics will live-stream on August 17 as the ancient ceramics industry remains prosperous in modern-day Turkey.  

Anticipate two workshops on August 18, the first being “Monoprinting” that teaches its participants printing techniques to create a variety of drawings using different colors. In addition, “Vocal Trash” presents another workshop, this time teaching children to recycle metal cans, plastic barrels and water bottles to make drumming instruments. In collaboration with Grow Learning Space, children will learn how to assemble scientific experiments with the “Super Science” workshop, and to create home engineering workshops with the “Cool Creations” workshop, both held on August 19.  

On August 20, explore the Bu Maher Fort and Pearling Path Visitor Centre, alongside the Bahrain Summer Festival’s mascots Nakhool and Nakhoola! Two storytelling events will take place on August 21, the first being “Masouda the Turtle,” and the second “Grumpy Gertie.” As for live cooking activities, fans of the Bahrain Summer Festival are scheduled to make Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza with Sara AlKoheji on August 22.  

There are more sports activities as part of the festival celebration. On August 22, a live-streamed session with coach Johan Estehuizen, “Fitness with Johan,” will teach corrective movement techniques, as well as a short fitness program for children and adults alike.  

Note that the Bahrain Summer Festival will continue on until August 31, its slogan “Together Virtually,” with its online combination of activities and events targeting different age groups and interests, though a variety of artistic, creative and sports workshops, performances and cultural tours, international art and music events, storytelling activities and competitions. 

The public can follow the festival’s activities through its social media channels at @Nakhoolbah, and the Bahrain Summer Festival program details, its activities and presentation dates, is on the official website.  

For more information about the Bahrain Summer Festival and its ongoings, visit the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities website,, or browse the Authority’s platforms on social media at @culturebah.