Bahrain Confidential tries the spa suite experience at Wyndham Grand Manama

In a city packed with decadent havens, the sheer volume of spas can be overwhelming, so we are sharing how this particular one stands out from the rest. Located at Wyndham Grand Manama, the new Spa Suite offers remarkable tranquility and privacy for a soothing and unique experience.

Upon entering the spa, we couldn’t help but admire the sprawling space complemented by the stunning views of the city. After a quick tour, we noticed how different it is from the treatment rooms we’ve been accustomed to. With sweeping views of the Manama skyline, this gem offers exceptional massages, facials and body treatments.


The lovely spa manager, Eden, shares that the Spa Suite also boasts the first Himalayan salt wall in Bahrain. Aside from adding aesthetic value to the place, it boosts the guests’ health. Gently heated, the Himalayan salt serves as a natural ionizer; when heated, the salt crystals attract moisture on the salt block surface, and the negative ions are emitted as that moisture evaporates. The negatively charged ions from the heated Himalayan salt serve to purify the circulating air.

Our relaxing journey for the day includes the Aromatherapy Massage. This commenced with completing a questionnaire that allows the therapist to know our related medical history as well as the massage pressure we want. Then we were given our plush cotton robe while our charming massage therapist, Lyn, presented the oils to choose from; the options were lavender, jasmine and sweet almond oil. The Aromatherapy Massage uses a blend of essential oils to strengthen the body’s vital energy, resulting in renewed spirits and wellness.

During the session, Lyn made sure that we were taken care of and all our queries were answered. Overall, the experience was very soothing and we loved how the lavender oil made our skin soft and fragrant! After a long, hard day, this is the perfect ending for you will leave feeling relaxed, both physically and mentally. After the massage, we were able to rejuvenate with some healthy snacks and a detoxing beverage. We chose the Energizer juice which is a concoction of oranges and pineapple.

Apart from the wide array of massages, you can also go for the Halotherapy which is an excellent way to cleanse and detox the lungs as well as invigorate the whole body. If you’re looking for a particularly lavish retreat, try one of their spa packages like the three-hour Blooming Life that includes a body polish, mud wrap, full body massage and a choice of facial.

The new spa Suite concept offered by Wyndham Grand Manama with its remarkable treatments and excellent staff, is the right choice for you. The well-known Six Senses Spa is coming soon to the hotel. Stay tuned!

For more information:
+973 1711 6116