Bahrain Confidential: Celebrating 200 issues of success

The August issue of Bahrain Confidential is a rather special edition as we celebrate our 200th issue. A lot has changed over the course of a long and tumultuous decade and a half, but one thing that has remained constant is the vital role that we play in sharing the Best in Bahrain.

When the magazine launched 200 issues ago, social media didn’t exist unless you call it email social media. Since then, our platforms have grown and we are now one of the most influential publications in the Kingdom’s online scene.

We’re enormously proud of what has been achieved by Bahrain Confidential over the past 19 years. These 200 issues represent so much: hard work and an undying passion in helping readers seek out the best our island has to offer.

To celebrate our 200th issue, we will be putting together a volume representing the magazine’s second ‘century’. Celebrating the past, grasping the present and preparing for the future – those are what we aim to embody in the special edition.

We are expressing our gratitude to everyone who has been a part of our wonderful journey. Here’s to more!


Bahrain Confidential was established in 2001 and is a Bahrain-based monthly publication available both in print and online editions. It is the definitive guide to high-end Arabian luxury and lifestyle. Although Bahrain Confidential is an English publication, the majority of our readers actually Arab nationals.

The first issue of Bahrain Confidential was launched in November of 2001. When we launched the magazine, it was a quarterly publication and was half the size of a large format A5. On a later date, we became monthly – at the heart of our content has always been the ‘best of Bahrain’. We always share ideas on the best places to go in Bahrain and how to get the most of living in this island, whether you’re a citizen or an expat.

It was an interesting to launch Bahrain Confidential because it was very shortly after the 9/11; the horrific atrocity that happened at the twin towers in New York. How this affected us? Many people who were going to support the publication through advertising, hunkered down and withdrew. Despite this, we still launched the magazine… and that was nearly 20 years ago!

Four years ago, we became heavily involved with social media. Bahrain Confidential now has the second largest social media presence of any publication in Bahrain, after our sister publication, Gulf Insider.

We believe that one cannot inform without entertaining first – therefore, we try to make the magazine as entertaining as possible and also beautiful, in its layout and design. A lot of things have changed but our voice has remained consistent over the years; we have a policy of writing in a crisp and concise way.

Everyone in the Bahrain Confidential team works hard to deliver inspiring and interesting editorial content and design. We had a lot of fun putting each magazine together and hopefully that shows when you read it.