This Australian Pink Clay Exfoliator Has an 11,000-Person Wait List

Let’s be honest — skin care can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. With so many products on the shelves (both IRL and virtual), the top of your vanity or bathroom counter can sometimes end up resembling a cluttered version of the back corner of Sephora. Wouldn’t it be great if there was just one product that was a one-stop shop that could exfoliate and revitalize all at once?

Enter Sand & Sky‘s newest member of its skin-care family: the Australian Pink Clay Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment. This tube of pink goodness has already acquired an 11,000-person wait list (yes, you read that correctly), so you know it’s gotta pack a pretty good glowing punch.

The Australian-based beauty company’s treatment promises to give you glowing skin in just five minutes flat — so you can pretend you just spent a week on the beach instead of inside your office. With ingredients such as bamboo and macadamia seed, the product pledges to not only “physically smooth and exfoliate” your face, but it’ll also diminish the appearance of pores, refresh your skin, and leave you with a subtle glow that could easily put anyone in a sunny mood. Oh, and the packaging is super-cute — meaning, you’ve gotta ‘gram it.

sand and sky scrub
Courtesy of Sand & Sky
sand & sky australian pink clay exfoliating treatment
Photo: Courtesy of Sand & Sky

If you can’t wait the two weeks until the Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment’s launch date, be sure to check out Sand & Sky’s other popular product: its Australian Pink Clay Mask ($49). A jar of this rosy goo promises to detoxify and brighten your face in just 10 minutes.

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