Audi continues fleet relations with the InterContinental Regency

Audi Bahrain continued its fleet relations with the InterContinental Regency hotel by providing them with a fleet of chauffeur-driven Audi A8’s that will take their VIP guests on the road in unparalleled comfort and style.


Audi’s A8 limousines were chosen because they provide an exceptionally spacious environment of luxury combined with digitally networked rear seat entertainment, including a removable touchscreen serving as an android tablet and a rear seat remote, giving control to the VIP guests of various comfort, convenience and infotainment functions. The guests get to experience an exquisite ambience inside the hotel and during the ride.


‘The Audi A8 is a limo dripping with luxury, finished like a private suite in a luxury hotel with the latest technology, what I would call a “Business Class” experience in the back seat!! And we are delighted to continue with Audi A8’s for our hotel fleet”, stated Philipp Economou, General Manager, Intercontinental Regency.


The Audi A8 is the “World Luxury Car 2018” and the embodiment of Vorsprung durch Technik with style-defining design, innovative chassis solutions, an innovative touch operating concept and consistent electrification of the drive system.


“We are delighted that the Intercontinental Regency Hotel in Bahrain has continued with the replacement of their hotel fleet with the all new generation Audi A8’s. The vehicles represent a perfect blend of sophistication and luxury, along with the latest technological advancements and are a perfect fit for the 5 star clientele that the newly refurbished Hotel are looking to cater for”, stated General Manager of Bahrain, Geetan Jessen