Ashley Graham and Paloma Elesser Cover Vogue Arabia’s “Body Revolution” Issue

Just so you know: Ashley Graham and rising star Paloma Elesser are covering Vogue Arabia’s latest issue for July/August, and they truly look like a couple ‘a snacks:

In the image, both models wear flashy silver sequin styles — Paloma is low-key chilling in a pool in a short sleeved, bateau-neck number, and Ashley is lounging nearby in a form-fitting piece topped with a shaggy gray sweater.

This is apparently Vogue Arabia’s “Body Revolution” issue, in which they declare that inside you’ll find “The best summer looks to celebrate all shapes.”

Along with their twinning image, each woman has her own, close-up cover-shot as well, and they are both SERV-ING, y’all.

Inside the mag, we hear from Ashley, who says making people comfortable with themselves has always been her calling: “My mother told me that when I walked into a room, I would greet every single person — even at three years old. It was more of an emotion that I would give people, and it would leave them feeling good about who they are,” she said. “I think that’s what I’m doing today: letting women know that they are worthy, that they are beautiful, and that they can be happy with who they are in their skin.”

Paloma talks about self-acceptance. “The feelings that I have about my body today aren’t very different from the way I felt about it in first grade,” she said. “What has changed is the way I navigate those feelings.”

This isn’t the first Vogue rodeo for either lady. Ashley Graham has appeared on both American (in a group image) and British (solo) publications, while Paloma covered the May 2018 issue of British Vogue with other models who are “changing the face of fashion.”