Are CCTV Cameras Compulsory for Shops in Bahrain?

Shops in the Kingdom should install security CCTV surveillance cameras and operate them 24/7, announces Protection and Safety Department of the General Administration of Civil Defence during an inspection campaign.

“Cameras are to protect lives, public and private properties and vital installations from potential dangers,” officials said.

An Interior Ministry decision reported earlier obliges organisations to instal security cameras while issuing or renewing commercial registration. Officials say, most of the shops here are adhering to safety standards, “but some of them are not.”

“Shop owners must instal, maintain and update surveillance devices periodically to ensure their effectiveness.”

“For this, there should be a control room and storage memory of not less than 120 days.” Shops should also identify the points of placing the CCTV cameras.

The department called on violating stores to correct them soon. The department will conduct a review in about two weeks from the date of examination.

The law forbids installing cameras in bedrooms, physiotherapy rooms, toilets, changing rooms and places reserved for women. The law also prohibits transferring, storing, sending or publishing any of the recordings by the owners or any other entity, without prior approval. The General Directorate of Civil Defence and Chief of Public Security, or his representative, or deputy are the approving authorities.