An Arabic Start at Al Manzil Hotel Bahrain

Al Manzil Hotel features a lavish Middle Eastern Breakfast in their Multi Cuisine Restaurant ‘Zodiac’

Breakfast has consistently been associated with Kings, at Al Manzil they associate it with Sheikhs.
Middle Eastern cuisine has always been known for its decadence, and decadence can very often be seen as disapproving. Especially among health critics and fitness gurus. But there is so much to Mediterranean cuisine and Middle Eastern cuisine, in particular, that is highly favorable to our planets current obsession with fitness.

Zodiac Multi Cuisine restaurant offers a positively healthy Arabic breakfast that features a variety of traditional dishes to kick-start your day. The elaborate repast menu consists of Hummous, Labneh, Mutabel, Haloumi, Feta and other cheeses, pickled and fresh vegetable slices, Ful Medames, Fried eggs, A bread basket, a dish of Rosti Potatoes, Black and Green Olives and a strong cup of Karak tea and Coffee. What more does one need for a hearty breakfast?

Following a Mediterranean diet helps your waistline and your overall health. It’s not just beneficial to your heart and body in general but it also keeps your mind sharp as a tack. With healthy fats and all the unprocessed food found in the breakfast, there are only benefits to reap here.

The whole grains, nutrient dense beans and legumes, metabolism boosting spices and the generous slather of olive oil ensure a strong gut and a fit body and mind. Zodiac’s chefs craft each dish with care and package it with flavor. The well-experienced chefs cater to their guests need for a flavorsome beginning and this Arabic mezze is the solution in July.

Each bite is a wake-up button to every cell in your body. For a refreshing morning, Arabic affair find your way to Al Manzil hotel in Juffair.