Apple is reportedly cutting iPhone X production in half, and here’s what that means for you

Bad news, Apple fans: the latest iPhone is off to a rocky start. Apple is reportedly halving iPhone X production for the next three months.


The Japanese newspaper Nikkei reported on January 29th that Apple would go from producing 40 million phones to 20 million — a figure that was reported without citing a source. The new model of the iPhone is the first major redesign since the iPhone 6 and was expected to drive massive sales numbers, but holiday sales failed to meet expectations in Europe, the U.S., and China.

wasn’t the first outlet to mention a drop in iPhone X production. On December 26th, the Taiwanese newspaper Economic Daily News reported that Apple would decrease the number of iPhone X models being produced from 50 million to 30 million.
In response to the reports of decreased production of the iPhone X, Apple stock prices began to fall. In total, the company’s shares have dropped about 5 percent since January 22nd.

At $999, the iPhone X was Apple’s most expensive phone to be released. And some experts believe that the smartphone’s high price may have deterred customers. But even if sales were lower than expected, iPhone X lines still managed to stretch around the block following the phone’s release.
The iPhone X’s new features include an all-glass display without a home button, wireless charging, facial recognition, and “Animoji” — emoji that you can use to capture your facial expressions.
Even if fewer iPhones are on the market, consumers will still be able to buy the phone, meaning that there will be plenty of opportunities to exchange Animoji with your friends. In the meantime, we’ll be waiting to see how Apple handles future sales of the iPhone X and what other innovative technology is on the horizon.

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