AlSalam Specialist Hospital: Tips on how to nurture your children’s growth

AlSalam Specialist Hospital shares some tips on nurturing children’s growth.

All parents should aim to give their children a good start in life by nurturing, protecting and guiding them. As children grow and develop, it is important to follow up on them especially during their primary growth period, according to AlSalam Specialist Hospital’s Consultant Pediatrician Dr. Fatima Neama. It is the parents’ duty to provide their children with healthy diet, familiarize them with early sleeping time and keep them as far as possible from electronic devices such as smartphone, tablet PCs and video game consoles.

Dr. Neama also advised parents to spend more time with their children to develop their social communication, train them on skills of expressing themselves, develop positive motivation methods and avoid negative self-destructive methods; with the aim of contributing towards raising a healthy generation.

“Parents must recognize the signs and symptoms that may negatively affect a child’s healthy growth. These symptoms include the child’s inactivity, lack of focus and a sense of constant boredom, excessive movement, poor educational attainment and poor appetite that may indicate a lack of important elements for the child’s growth. In addition to the mentioned symptoms, it is important to resort to medical checkups, which contribute to the diagnosis of the disorder, early recognition of its causes and early intervention,” Dr Neama clarified.

The Pediatric Department at AlSalam Specialist Hospital provides specialized medical care to newborns and infants. The hospital focuses on providing family-centered care approach to reduce stress and its impacts, hence, it provides medical checkup packages for students, which include: measuring height, weight, visual acuity, in addition to clinical examination by a pediatrician, dentist and an ENT (ear, nose, throat) specialist, including lab tests for measuring hemoglobin and vitamin D.

Dr. Fatima Neama is a Senior Consultant in Pediatrics, Consultant Neurologist and the Head of Pediatric Department at AlSalam Specialist Hospital. Dr. Neama has completed her fellowship in pediatric neurology as well as the Arab Board of Medical Specializations in Pediatrics (ABMSP).