Al Zubara vessel docks in Valletta on journey to Bahrain

Bahrain’s patrol warship RBNS Al Zubara has docked in the Port of Valletta, the capital of Malta, becoming the first Bahraini military vessel to make a call in the Mediterranean island country.

The stop was the second for Al Zubara on its journey from the United Kingdom to Bahrain following a stopover in Tangier, the Moroccan city on the Strait of Gibraltar,

The smooth journey from the Moroccan city to the Maltese capital was made in clear and fair weather conditions.

The vessel started its journey to Bahrain from the English port of Falmouth in southern Britain last month, with planned stops in brotherly and friendly ports.

Al Zubara, one of the most modern and developed offshore patrol vessel (OPV) built by British BAE Systems, possesses special features and capabilities that use modern technology in the management, operation and control of its systems, including the navigation and communication system, the engine and generator operating and control system, the fire control system, damage control and a combat system.

The design and engineering of the vessel provide it with strength and durability to operate in the worst weather conditions and during long journeys as it is supported by a helipad capable of receiving various helicopters of various weights.