Ahead of the Curve: Interview with Jumeirah Royal Saray Bahrain’s GM Spencer H. Wadama

Congratulations on your new post, how are you finding Bahrain?

Well, being that I am still quite new I have not really seen much outside the hotel. In asking many of my GCC friends, I have heard many positive comments about the people of Bahrain.

Tell us a bit about your background, what motivated you to work in this industry?

That’s a complicated story, but there’s truth in the idea that you can “go for a job and find a career”. I am a “grass roots” hotelier that began his career as a Housekeeper in a great company. The growth that I have enjoyed was because of amazing leaders and mentors in my life and incredible trust and support. Can you shed light on your vision for Jumeirah Royal Saray Bahrain? Honestly, to continue to polish the diamond. Bahrain has some of the best of the best hotel brands in the world and Jumeirah ranks right up there with them, so my vision is to continue to position the property against them and continue to enhance the reputation of Jumeirah in Bahrain as the destination of choice. We are fortunate to have very good ownership and we share a vision of being the best.

Internationally, the luxury hotel sector has become more crowded and more demanding. How are you catering to the modern traveler?

I feel that in this growing competitive climate, we need to continue to innovate and observe. The service aspect of hotels is ever so dynamic and one that you always have to try and stay ahead of the curve. Watch the guests’ behavior and adapt, the days of standard procedures when it come to the guest experience is long gone. This and always watching your basics of service. Deliver on the expectation and go beyond when you can.

What is your action plan for the upcoming months?

With our Holy Month upon us, we have for the first time a true Ramadan tent to welcome our guests. Al Saraya Tent is a truly unique venue with a beautiful transparent dome to offer an ‘under the stars’ Iftar and Gabgha experience. It will be the ideal location for our guests and corporate celebrations. We also have launched out a new event space which include a ballroom, meeting space and a Royal Majlis. We are excited to bring weddings and events to our property. Is there a particular saying or motto that guides you? Carpe Diem (simply stated, seize the day) – tomorrow is never promised, so make the most of today, value those relationships, show gratitude and help others.

Which part of Bahrain is your favorite and why?

Jumeirah Royal Saray, because it’s gorgeous and well, because I have not had a moment to go out and explore.