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A Refined Taste of Italy in Bahrain: Primavera Review

Bahrain Confidential tries Primavera’s new menu.

Italy is well-known for many things – from its melodic language to its historical art to its luxury and sports cars. But perhaps the number one thing it is known for is its cuisine. The gastronomic merit of Italian cuisine comes from its heavy influence by family, tradition, and comfort, making it one of the most popular and loved in the world.

With its new Osteria Contempranea concept, Primavera at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain delivers a refined interpretation of Italian traditions with a touch of modernity all brought together with fresh and authentic ingredients imported from Italy. We recently paid a visit to the award-winning restaurant to try their new menu led by new Executive Sous Chef, Heros de Agostinis.

We were warmly welcomed by the Ladies and Gentlemen who lead us to our seats. I particularly enjoyed the kitchen view where I can see the chefs as they prepare our meals. The atmosphere was warm and intimate, with classy and minimal décor. This was all complemented by a terrace overlooking the beautiful resort.

The dining experience kicked off with amuse bouche, Italian flag coloured rice puffs, and a basket of Focaccia paired with a nice glass of a concoction of carrot and ginger juice.

This was shortly followed by our first dish of the night – the Foie Gras and Red Fruit which was delicate and rich, balanced with the acidity and sweetness from the fruit. Poised as daring but refined, Chef Heros has added his own twist to the dish adorning it with berries and powdered coconut cream, mushroom, and quinoa giving it a unique and interesting flavour like no other.

As a seafood lover myself, the second dish was right up my alley – the Spicy Orange Grilled Prawns was bright as it was savoury. The citrus added a splash of freshness that complemented the prawns very well.

It’s not Italian dining until you’ve had your pasta. Next up on our tasting menu was the handmade Ravioli del Plin which was creamy and rich – I was immediately enamoured, being a turophile. This was stuffed with fresh spinach, ricotta cheese, and sage butter.

The Risotto Olio e Parmiggiano with bluefin tuna sashimi was another rich and lightly seasoned dish served to us that night, very hearty and comforting. I must say the tuna sashimi was an unexpected twist — a pleasant one nonetheless.

Shortly after, we were mesmerized by the sight of the Lamb Saddle which was dusted with black olive powder, drizzled with sauce, and served along with artichokes and tomatoes.

Our culinary journey was sweetly wrapped with the special Tiramisu on Trolley where Chef Heros himself prepared the coffee-flavoured dessert right in front of us followed by a serving of their fresh Vanilla Panna Cotta. To wrap up, we were showered with truffles, Amalfi Lemon cake, a plate of assorted chocolates and a cup of espresso – in true Italian fashion.

There definitely is no shortage of Italian fine dining in Bahrain – but no one does it quite like Primavera. Despite the ever-growing competition, The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain signature restaurants continue to set the bar high in both service and culinary experience.

Primavera is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 7 pm to 11 pm.

For more information and reservations, call 17586499.

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