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A Gourmet Escape With Stunning Views at Le Sauvage’s Chapter 2


Great food, good vibes, and a gorgeous view—Le Sauvage at The Domain Hotel & Spa effortlessly hits this trifecta. Perched on the 34th floor of this boutique hotel in the heart of Manama, the restaurant offers a panoramic view that captures Bahrain’s architectural splendour. The transition from the earth-toned buildings to the vibrant blue-green high-rises and finally the expansive horizon is mesmerizing. Dining here as the sun sets and the lights of Manama flicker on is truly an intimate experience.

We visited the restaurant to check out their new limited edition Chapter 2 menu and there’s a lot of ground to cover.

The Salad

We started with the Goat Cheese with Mango Salad, a delightful reminder of our love for mangoes and fresh, seasonal ingredients. The blend of Swiss cheese and Torchon goat cheese paired perfectly with the juicy mango pieces and crisp greens, creating a refreshing start to our meal.

The Entrée

The Black Truffle Sourdough, our next dish, was both a visual and culinary delight. Presented on a chessboard-like platter, this dish featured mushrooms cooked in a creamy garlic base with Black Diamond truffle, served atop toasted sourdough bread and topped with brie cheese. Each bite was an indulgence, and it’s a dish we’ll undoubtedly return for.

The Steak

The Beef Ribs, slow-cooked for 6-8 hours, were incredibly tender and flavorful. The combination of barbecue flavours, herbs, and a garlic bacon mash made this dish a standout and earned our “most recommended” accolade. Close behind was the Beef Bourguignon, rich with the flavours of red wine, beef stock, and vegetables, served atop Pommes Purée—a dish that hit all the right notes.

Despite feeling content after the steak, we couldn’t resist the Grilled Octopus. This local sea octopus was slow-cooked, then grilled, and served on a vibrant bed of green peas and spinach puree, garnished with ground pistachios and garlic butter croutons. It was a unique and delightful dish.

The Veal Cordon Bleu impressed as well. The breaded veal formed a crunchy exterior, encasing a generous serving of turkey strips and Swiss cheese. Paired with sautéed mushrooms, it felt like the perfect comfort food, reminiscent of classic breaded dishes but elevated in flavour and texture.

The Desserts

Le Sauvage’s desserts are as indulgent as their main courses. The Créme Brulee, with its crunchy caramelized sugar crust and rich custard base, was a highlight. Equally impressive was the Milk Chocolate Mille Feuille, featuring layers of delicate puff pastry interspersed with creamy filling and topped with a luscious ganache.

The Vibe

The ambience at Le Sauvage complements its culinary offerings. With tables designed for intimate groups of up to four, the atmosphere is deliberately quiet and elegant. Larger groups can enjoy a private, secluded nook. Catering exclusively to guests over the age of 16, both the restaurant and the hotel embrace a unique, niche concept perfect for romantic dinners, date nights, or even sophisticated business meetings.

One visit to Le Sauvage is simply not enough to fully appreciate its culinary delights. We eagerly look forward to our next dining experience here!

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