A Full ‘Strawberry Moon’ is Happening this Weekend!

Dubbed ‘Strawberry Moon’, June’s full moon will be a spectacle in the night skies as it will come with a partial lunar eclipse on June 5.

According to Daily Mail, Australians will be treated to a spectacular ‘Strawberry Moon’ lunar eclipse in the early hours of Saturday.

While, the celestial phenomena will be visible from the Arabian Peninsula, including UAE, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries. According to Al Arabiya website, the head of Jeddah Astronomy Society Majed Abu Zahra said that the eclipse will occur at the same time in all regions, when the moon starts entering the area of the earth’s shadow at 9.45pm UAE time (5:45pm GMT), reported KT.

Although called ‘Strawberry Moon’, Zahra explained that no change will be observed and the moon will look the same with the moment of complete full moon at 11.12pm UAE time (7:12pm GMT). However, the size of the moon will appear larger by 3.3 per cent, before the end of the eclipse at 1.04am UAE time (9:04pm GMT).

The June full moon is called ‘Strawberry Moon’ as it was a marked the beginning of strawberry picking season for Native American tribes.

The phenomenon, also known as a penumbral eclipse, occurs when the earth, sun and moon are all aligned. Due to this the earth blocks the sun’s light from reaching the moon, casting a shadow over it.