9 Great TV Shows to Watch this Ramadan

Ramadan has arrived, and with it, the Arab world’s busiest television season of the year. Here are some series you won’t want to miss in 2022!

1. Suits Arabia

Suits is among the most popular tv shows of the 2010s, a wonderfully crafted dramedy that follows the adventures of two lawyers; one genius with no credentials and one determined to keep his secret as they navigate the tricky world of the law. The Arabic language remake is set to be famous for years to come.

2. ‘Rageen Ya Hawa’

The show follows an Egyptian immigrant in Europe who becomes indebted and decides to return to Egypt to claim an inherited wealth. Along with the manner, he tries to reunite his estranged family.

3. Lahme w Bas

How could we not be fans of the Orfali Brothers? Chef Mohammad Orfali is creating a nightly cooking show during Ramadan to show you how to make today’s Iftar and Suhoor as incredible as possible.

4. ‘Ahlam Saeeda’ (Sweet Dreams)

Egyptian megastar Youssra and Ghada Adel, Mai Kassab, Nour Mahmoud, and Tamer Hagras lead this year’s comedy series. “Ahlam Saeeda” follows a high-society, middle-aged woman with insomnia and recurring nightmares, pushing her to the brink of paranoia.

5. “Ramy”

This Academy award Hulu series, starring sequence co-creator Ramy Youssef, follows a main millennial character as he navigates life as a first-generation American Muslim torn between his Egyptian heritage and the American pop culture of his early life.

6. Sanawat Al-Jarish

If Hayat Al-Fahad appears in a Ramadan drama, you can bet the Arab world will be talking about it. The most hotly debated series of 2020 was Umm Haroun. The current series from the 73-year-old lady of modern Arab television dives into history, explaining what happened to the Gulf during World War II.

7. ‘Al Zaqoum’

Saad Al-Faraj of Kuwait and Qahtan Al Qahtani of Bahrain are old friends who defrauded a wealthy man of his inherited wealth seven decades ago. As they near the end of their lives, the consequences of their crime become clear.

8. ‘Pablo’

The title character is played by Hassan El Raddad, a tenacious diversity and inclusion warrior who gets more than he hoped for when he takes on a smuggling operation in Cairo. In what promises to be a hard-hitting drama, El Raddad is joined by fellow Egyptian actors Ahmed Zaher and Nabil Al Hilfawi.

9. Hagma Mortada

In Hagma Mortada, Egyptian stars Ahmed Ezz and Hend Sabry star as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, following a true story from Egyptian Intelligence. Magda Zaki, Salah Abdallah, Mohamed Gomaa, and others also appear in the show.