7 Things we love about

Bahrain Confidential experiences the sports-luxe vibe at Elite Resort & Spa’s sports bar and lounge.

1. Great Food

Shift 7 offers a varied menu of all sorts of delicacies! Their rib-eyed steak was very delicious and was made even more mouthwatering with the pepper sauce and veggies. What’s more remarkable is that the food choices are also very healthy. You can find whatever you’re craving for from the wide array of options which includes pasta, seafood, and a lot more. Guests can also indulge in different drinks and refreshments to cool off and relax.

2. Great Prices

Unless you go for a bottle of the Crystal champagne which costs BD484, all the food and most of the drinks are priced reasonably. The prices do not scrimp on the quality you will be getting when you dine at Shift 7. It is a great place to hang with your friends after a hard day at work.

3. Superb Service

The staff are attentive, cheerful and genuinely friendly. Also, the service at Shift 7 truly was impeccable.

4. Great Place to Watch Sports

Shift 7 is designed for a clientele who love sports. The bar has two large HD screens placed at different parts of the lounge, showing live telecasts of all sporting events including Spanish Football matches, Tennis, Rugby, Superbowl, NBA and live telecasting of all F1 races. A lot of people are settling into the game but if there’s no particular game happening, various sports or music is played.

5. Outstanding Atmosphere

The interior has been designed to give a feeling of both a sophisticated and sporty ambiance The lounge’s display range from racing mementos to intricate models of famous sports cars, some of which are very large and is worth a lot of money. Other designs include genuine F1 crash helmets, racing wheels and tires. It truly is the perfect place to watch the F1.

6. Amazing views

Shift 7 is located at the 15th Floor of the Elite Resort & Spa. The enormous ground to floor windows in many parts of the lounge provide the spectacular view. When there’s no buzz about sporting events, Shift 7 is the ideal place to appreciate the impressive view of the skyline and the Bahrain Bay.

7. Two distinct seating areas

There is a smoking area where the bar and a non-smoking area similar to a lounge with comfy sofas. Guests can choose from different settings depending on your mood.


For info and reservations, call  Tel +973 1731 3333