5 TV Series that you need to binge-watch right now!

Whether you‘ve been binge-watching your whole life or recently slid into the habit, there are some TV Series that are just perfect to mainline as quickly as possible.

5. Game of Thrones

You know a show is going to be a good binge watch when you’re tearing your hair out waiting for new episodes week to week, and new seasons year to year. Building on the structure of shock drama and high fantasy in George R. R. Martin‘s best-selling book series, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss‘ adaptation Game of Thrones translates all the political machinations, royal intrigue, and apocalyptic fantasy underpinnings into TV gold. Backed by a game-changing budget from HBO, Game of Thrones might be the most spectacular sight to ever hit the airwave and that luxurious attention crafts a completely immersive world where anything can happen, anyone may perish, and each new twisted cliffhanger and moment of violent punctuation leaves you clamoring to see what’s next. — Haleigh Foutch


4. Sherlock


Since Sherlock made its debut in the fall of 2010, the series has amassed a deliriously devoted fan base around the world. Unlike previous adaptations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary tales (with the exception of Elementary, which didn’t premiere until 2012), Sherlock is a totally modern story in which technology and brain power work together—rather than compete—in order to help solve a range of crimes that are both familiar and totally new. Don’t let the fact that there are only 10 episodes of the show in its first three seasons fool you. Because each episode is a 90-minute movie, those three seasons equal a total of 900 minutes of viewing. That said, the movie-like style makes it easy to binge-watch the show in very precise doses.


3. Dark

Dark is the extremely heady new time travel show that just landed on Netflix. It takes us to the small town of Winden, Germany, a place full of fun personal melodrama — and also children who have gone missing without a trace. It centers on a handful of families that have lived there for a long time and are prominent in the community. The time travel conceit does more than give us a window into how these families have evolved over many decades — it’s brings a whole new meaning to “things are not quite what they seem here.”


2. Black Mirror

The darkly, darkly satiric series looks at how technology robs us of our humanity — or just gives us excuses to abandon it. In the third season, creator Charlie Brooker looks at everything from love (“San Junipero”) to war (“Men Against Fire”).  The fourth season of the show, the second commissioned by the streaming company, is as dark as ever. All of the series’ six episodes have been made available at once, so there’s no waiting around for a new episode each week.


1. Stranger Things

netflix-easter-egg-stranger-things-homepage-00If you haven’t watched the cult phenomenon that is Stranger Things, you need to stop what you’re doing and start season 1 right now. It would be a disservice to yourself and the Netflix-loving community not to watch this sci-fi phenomenon.

The plot centres on a group of kids in the 80’s, who use walkie-talkie’s to communicate with each other, play Dungeons and Dragons and just so happen to uncover massive government supernatural conspiracies. It has a host of truly iconic characters (you’ve probably heard something about Eleven and Eggo waffles) and a plot filled with genuine intrigue and emotional depth. It has humour and horror balanced to a fine art, especially considering there are only 8 episodes.