5 Tricks to Summer-Proof Your Hair

Summer has hit Bahrain like a wrecking ball, it feels like 50 degrees. Summer can have a very drying effect on your hair, so in order to keep your locks luscious, you’ll need to switch some things up and use products that benefit your strands during hot, humid days. So, here’s some good to start tips to keep your hair perfect all summer long.

Go Natural

See what works best for you in the summer. If you find that your hair gets frizzy and limps after blow-drying, let your hair air dry – it will shape itself into its natural texture. If you have straight hair, I would recommend working a little bit of mousse through damp hair and letting it air dry. This will give you soft waves and will keep the fizziness at bay. Do the same with curly hair – don’t fight your hair’s natural texture.

Pause the Heat Stylers

In summer, blow-dryers, your flatiron and your curling iron will just burn your hair and make them much drier. Instead, let your hair dry naturally; scrunch it up with some mousse or do an elegant side braid.

Switch to a different Shampoo

Switch to a shampoo that adds moisture and contains a sunscreen. Your locks will feel softer, smoother and much more manageable.

Deep condition

Keep your hair healthy and vibrant by doing a weekly deep conditioning treatment on your hair.

Trim Split Ends

Don’t ditch trimming your split ends regularly. This will ensure that your locks stay healthy and shiny.

Ladies who cover their hair are also not spared from the scorching heat of Bahrain. We need to pamper our hair as much as others. Make sure you use light colored clothe and airy fabric to cover your head. This helps the pores breathe and maintains the moisture within.

Stay tuned for more tips to beat the heat, ladies.

Amber Naeem can be found in front of her laptop when not eating. Lover of tea, long novels, and witty poetry. Survives on Netflix and daydreams. Hates making decisions.