5 Tips to Keep Kids Entertained at Home During Quarantine

Maintaining a certain amount of structure to any day or week for your child is something that will certainly reassure them and help keep them entertained plus avoid any unnecessary tantrums.

1. Start your day strong

Get dressed, eat breakfast together and maybe do a fun exercise to get everyone motivated and ready to start the day. Talk to your children at each stage, explaining what you are doing and why ensuring they are engaged in each activity.

2. Take part in daily arts and crafts

Create a project for your kids that they can work on every day. Paint a picture, bead sets to make your favourite jewellery – my kids for example love using leaves and flowers to paint on making prints. Another tip is to use potato cut outs to dip in paint and stamp.

3. Engage in role play

Kids love to do what we do. So why not create a shop market or build a little stall for them. Go “shopping” at home. You can price up food, cook lunch in a pretend kitchen, set up tea time with a tea set, create a restaurant – the list is endless. Another great idea is to use masking tape on the floor and create a road or a track track for cars so your children can ‘transport’ themselves from place to place.

4. Get involved in web cams and YouTube

My kids love watching feeding time at the zoo so we often login in to Edinburg Zoo or San Diego Zoo – they have live feeding times so you can easily plot these viewing sessions into your schedule.

5. Get creative in the kitchen

Choose simple options like homemade pizza, get all the ingredients into little bowls and they can add the toppings – you can make your own faces etc. Another favourite in our household is rice crispy cakes.

Mums should remember Remember – confront the topic head on, reassure your kids that someone will always be there to take care of them, and get ready to get creative.


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