5 Practical Ways to Practice Self-love

Loving yourself and taking care of yourself is often portrayed as the most powerful option in order to live a better and fulfilled life. However, nobody really tells the actual steps which one could follow to achieve this bliss. Here are some practical and actionable ways that you can incorporate into your life easily-

Learn to say NO

We often find ourselves saying yes to plans, things and activities simply because we don’t want to disappoint our loved ones. By doing so, we are consciously putting everyone else’s needs before ours and that is not the right way to treat yourself. Thus, one must learn to say no to things for which you don’t have the mental or physical capacity.

Meditate for self-love

Studies have shown that meditation can literally change your brain. Following specific meditations for self-compassion or self-love can heal and change your brain parts associated with the same and increase your empathy towards yourself.

Make a list of things you love about yourself

Take a piece of paper and write all the great things you love about yourself and place it where you can see it everyday and add more things to it whenever you feel like it. Reading this regularly will reinforce self-love, instill a sense of confidence and have a positive impact in your life in the long run.

List your wins everyday

Make it a habit to list all the things you accomplished in a day so that you can focus on the positive part instead of worrying about the stuff you didn’t get done. These wins can be as little as getting out of the bed or brushing your teeth to as big as finally completing that pending assignment or presentation. The goal here is to celebrate yourself whenever you get a chance.

Plan self-care days

Always plan self-care days where you get to spend time with yourself and enjoy your company. The key here is to do the things you love, it can be reading your favorite book, taking a long walk, trying out that recipe you’ve always wanted to, or just doing your nails and having a long relaxing spa day. It can be anything that makes you connect with yourself.