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5 Places to Check for Your Green Thumb Mum


Here are 5 places to buy plants for all you mums who have been ‘growing and cultivating’ this new skill.

Hejair Garden & Landscaping

Hejair Garden & Landscaping specializes in stone seedling to coordinate gardens and terrariums. They provide both indoor and outdoor plants. They also specialize in waterfalls and fountains as well as garden maintenance.

You can contact them through their Instagram accounts @hejairgarden and @hejairgarden2.

Yoni Agricultural Nursery

Yoni Agricultural Nursery have a variety of colorful plants and flowers from petunias to marigold for as low as 100 fils a piece! They are located in Diraz and Dumistan and can be contacted through Instagram.

Future Gardens

Future Gardens provide indoor and outdoor plants of different sizes, as well as garden maintenance materials. They are located outside Ramli Mall in A’ali and can be contacted through their Instagram account.

AlArayedh Garden

AlArayedh Garden is a great place to pick out your first miniature garden items! Miniature gardening and Fairy Gardens are the perfect way for mums and little ones to bond over imagination. Let all those creative juices flow! They are enchanting and pretty darn cute!

Hanging Garden

Hanging Garden is a fun place to take the kids plant shopping! Not only does it offer a variety of beautiful flowers and plants, but you can also pick your own strawberries that are ‘hanging around’ the garden while you’re at it.

You can find their location on their Instagram account.

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