5 places in Bahrain to buy dates this Ramadan

The Middle East isn’t the Middle East without dates! During Ramadan, dates and water or milk are a traditional first meal to break a fast.

Here are five places to buy dates to have when breaking your fast this Ramadan:


Bateel dates promise quality in each chewy and sweet bite! They also offer date chocolate truffles and date chocolates.


Tamarat is great if you’re planning to gift your friends and family with delicious dates this Ramadan.

Nabtat Ali

Nabtat Ali has all kinds of traditional dates and nuts — give one of their shops a visit.

Al Sarhan Dates

Al Sarhan Dates specialises in providing premium dates in Bahrain, from fresh and raw dates, to the sweet dried dates.

Manama Central Market

At the end of the day, the Manama Central Market is the go-to place for all Bahrainis and expats alike. They offer fresh produce daily and this is a great place to find fresh, raw dates.