5 Nice Things to Do For Your Friends in Self-isolation

Everyone knows someone, who is struggling extra with Coronavirus. So why not do a nice thing for that person while still maintaining distance. We are all somehow beginning to really feel those loooong hours go by.

Here are special ways you can show someone you love them from far away:

1. Send a friend something sweet

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Use one of the many delivery services around and send your friend something special to much on. Whether you will send snacks or a dessert, it will brighten someone’s day to have a special delivery outside their door. 

2. Plan a video catch up with a long distance relative

Pick someone who wouldn’t even expect to hear from you. Someone who haven’t spoken to in forever. It will cheer them up for sure.

3. Make a customized playlist

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There is nothing sweeter than making a customized playlist with songs that remind you of a certain person and sending it to them. 

4. Play a game with someone you normally just talk to

There are plenty of online multiplayer games you can invite people to take part in. Choose a friend who you think feels particularly down or affected by this pandemic and schedule a time and date to play together.

5. Grocery shop for an elderly person


Since the elderly are the most vulnerable portion of the population, help them out by offering to buy and deliver groceries to their homes.