5 Nice Things to Do for Your Friends in Bahrain while Social Distancing

Everyone is struggling a little extra because of the effects of coronavirus. Why not do something thoughtful for your friends while we’re all social distancing?

Here are special ways you can show someone you care for them from far away:

Send them something sweet

Use one of the many delivery services around and send your friend something sweet to munch on. It can be cookies, chocolates or even pancakes! Having a special delivery definitely makes someone’s day brighter!

Have a virtual breakfast date

Restaurants are still limited to delivery and takeaway, but that doesn’t mean you can stop catching up with your friends! Check out our list of breakfast spots that deliver and have a virtual date!

Gift them something handmade

If you’re looking for something heartfelt to gift your friends and loved ones, choose something handmade! There are a lot of unique items around the island like these beautiful vases, sustainable outfits, and delicate jewellery pieces.

Make a customised playlist for them

There is nothing more thoughtful than making a customised playlist with songs that remind you of a certain person and sending it to them.

Promote sustainability together by thrift shopping

Thrifting has always been a popular pass-time in most countries. Who would have thought there’s a ton of them online – especially on Instagram? Check out our fave online thrift stores!