5 Mouthwatering Halal Food Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Now

There are countless food accounts on Instagram, but very few that focus on halal food.

Halal, which means permissible in Arabic, is frequently applied to food and drinks, referring to meals and ingredients that adhere to Islamic law. In our region, we’re spoiled with halal options, but finding halal-certified foods when traveling abroad can prove to be a challenge. Fortunately, there are a number of halal-approved restaurants and cafés popping up in all corners of major cities, including London and New York. From tantalizing treats to homemade delicacies, read on for five Instagram accounts showcasing mouthwatering halal meals you need to follow now.

Founded by a 25-year-old economics graduate from the UK known as “halal girl” to her 35,000 followers. This food blogger’s Instagram feed features beautifully styled images of tempting dishes. What sets her profile apart  is that she travels the globe in search of halal cuisine, handpicking her favorite haunts from London and Dubai to Mumbai and Costa Rica. She also has her own food blog, where she offers reviews of restaurants.


This blog was founded by medical student Ayesha Razak. The food connoisseur, who hails from London, has garnered more than 30,000 Instagram followers, who flock to her page for her halal food reviews, recipes, and travel inspo. Although she is based in the UK, Razak’s reviews aren’t strictly confined to the borders of England, featuring enticing dishes from Malaysia, Paris, and beyond.


The Halal Food Blog is run by Adam Shah and his wife, Maryah Qubt, who started it in 2012 because of a lack of articles and information catering to people seeking halal food. Soon after, the Singapore-based foodies took to Instagram to visually express this idea. Featuring everything from Darth Vader-inspired cupcakes to traditional Indonesian cuisine, it’s a must-follow.


This restaurant-finding account promotes halal-certified treats across the UAE, UK, and cities around the globe. The aim is to provide food aficionados with ideas for places to eat, get takeaways, or get food delivered, ensuring that each option suggested is halal.


Have Halal, Will Travel is a blog by four friends who met during a student exchange in Seoul. The idea to launch a halal food platform took root when the friends realized that their halal food options were very limited. The platform later moved to Instagram, where it has accumulated a following of 66,000, who are constantly kept up-to-date with the latest and greatest halal food spots dotted around the world, with a few picturesque travel pictures thrown into the mix.


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