5 Makeup Hacks to Get You Through the Summer

The weather might be working against you but don’t surrender to an oily T-zone just yet! Here are some makeup hacks!


Makeup artist ROSHAR NYC, who has worked with leading beauty brands wants you to push water-based foundations to the back of your shelf. These are his top tips and hacks for adding drama to your look! (Plus a one-step trick to lock your bronzer in place for the beach.)

Use silicon-based foundations

For a matte and water-resistant base, trade in your regular foundation for a silicon-based formula. These absorb oil which means your makeup won’t melt off even when the weather gets too hot and sweaty.

Use cream foundations as an eyelid primer

Apply a cream-based foundation on your eyelid as a base to make your eyeshadow last longer or simply to make a pigment pop.

Soft eyes are the way to go

Skip the eyeliner and keep things minimal! Opt for mascara-heavy eyes that give a fresh yet dramatic look without being too obvious.

Add  colour to the lips

If there’s one place you need to add a pop of colour this season, it’s your lips. Since clothing can start to get lighter in texture and colour, bright hues like red and pink on the lip stand out the most.

Don’t powder right after foundation

Wait till you’re done with the whole regimen of blush, bronzer and highlighter before you put on a compact or loose powder. This helps cover the mistakes and harsh line and gives a more natural look.


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