5 Interesting Things to Do on a Weekend in Bahrain

Looking for something fun and interesting to do in Bahrain? Try this out!

Get some snowflake ice creams

You could never go wrong with ice cream on a hot sunny day. Frioo Creamery (@frioo.bh) serves some unique snowflake ice creams, bringing a whole new concept to the table.

Not to be confused with shaved ice cream – snowflake ice creams are thinner and smaller and have a different texture. They also serve popsicles and soft serve ice creams in different flavours including one with a Bahraini touch called “3skreem la” which is a Sambosa halwah flavour with a mini samosa filled with sweetened grated pistachio or almond. You can pair these up with their shakes, juices, or warm beverages.

Their timings are: Sun to Wed (3PM – 11PM) and Thur to Sat (3PM – 12AM).

Read a good book at this café

Caffeine and a good book — name a better duo, we’ll wait. There’s just something about reading a good book paired with a cup of coffee that is so comforting and engaging at the same time.

Neo Books & Coffee (@neobooksandcoffee) is a bookstore and coffee bar with a wide selection of books, drinks, food, stationery, and gifts. Their coffee bar serves and sells teas from Teapigs and Hasbean Arabica roasted beans. They also have a variety of food options on their menu. They also offer gift baskets, stationery, as well as some puzzles and board games.

They are open daily from 8am to 11pm. For more information, call or WhatsApp 17002233.

Have a game + coffee night!

A cup of coffee is one of those things you can totally enjoy on your own as well as with other people. A good card or board game is another. So, why not combine the two? Air Coffee & Game Lounge (@air.bah) has done just that.

The cafe’s playful, vibrant, and funky interior definitely sets the mood for a fun coffee break with friends. They offer a selection of hot and cold coffees, refreshments, desserts, and games.

They also offer a ‘Gather Box’, which contain different flavoured refreshments. The box is perfect for the outdoors and it can float on water so you can have your drinks in the pool!

Air is open from Sat to Wed at 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM and Thu to Fri at 4:00 PM – 12 AM. For more information, call 37262648.

Sushi and Chill?

Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay opened its reimagined re/ASIAN Cuisine restaurant as a part of their 50th floor dining concept. In addition to fine food and buzzing ambience, the restaurant highlights a Japanese-inspired Sushi Lounge.

The new Sushi Lounge flows directly into re/’s original restaurant and offers an elevated Asian dining experience with views and vibe to match.

The restaurant’s revamped menu promises a range of tantalising dishes for guests to experience including Sichuan spinach with sesame brittle and chili oil; and tare glazed eggplant salad with Japanese pickles and citrus vinaigrette.

To make a reservation, call +973 1711 5046.

Go padel!

Padel has gained some popularity recently in Bahrain, but the sport has been around since the 1960’s when it was invented in Mexico.

This aerobic sport has some similar rules as tennis, but they are quite different sports. It also has similarities to squash in that the padel court has walls where shots can be played off. When a ball is served it must bounce once on the floor then hit from below or at waist height. When serving, players have two attempts to hit into the opponent’s box.

Like tennis, a set is won when a team wins six games with at least two games difference. Failing this, a tie-break will be needed to decide on a set. A padel match is played the best out of three sets.

You can try padel-ing at Padel Bahrain, Let’s Padel or Padel Park!