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5 Great Walking Trails to Try in Bahrain


Bahrain crams a lot of variety into its tiny borders, and there is no better way to get to know this tiny country than to go for a walk.

Bahrain Bay


Around Bahrain Bay are vast waterfront roads and paths. Enjoy the stunning view of the city either day or night. When the development isn’t rife with food festivals, live performances and all sorts of entertainment, it’s a great venue for a run or walk.

Bahrain Fort


Bahrain Fort has mystery, drama, and possibly one of the best sunset views in the Kingdom. Easily one of the most popular sites in the Kingdom, it’s also a place where you can get a good walk. Make your way to the site museum; upon learning about the fort’s history, head to the grounds for a beautiful stroll. 

Arad Walkway


In Arad, there is a very pleasant off-road run around the Dohat Arad Lagoon and the Arad Fort Beach Park. There are three sections to this run: This 3-km loop around the lagoon is famous for having scenic views of the bay and green spaces.

Pearling Path Trail


The Pearling Path is a 3.5km stretch in the old alleyways of Muharraq. Bask yourself in the historic trail and learn more about the ancient pearl industry firsthand. Traverse all the way from the famous Bin Matar House to the Kurar House.

Sitra Walkway


Sitra Walkway is a leisure zone featuring a two-kilometre walkway and green spaces. It is also the starting point for Bahrain’s famous mangroves tour. If the walk isn’t enough, you can make your way and explore this one of a kind destination.

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