5 Great Delivery Apps You Can Try in Bahrain

Dining out used to be such an important part of our lives but now, ordering in is the next best thing.

You can find below five food delivery apps which you can use to order your dishes and drinks online. Some of these apps that allow you to order groceries and have them delivered to your home.


Talabat is probably the most popular delivery app in Bahrain. Since delivering their first order in Kuwait in 2004, they’ve grown quite a lot over the past 17 years. Today, they deliver hundreds of millions of food orders, grocery items and other products per year, to customers in nine countries throughout the region.

Talabat has options for food, health and wellness, as well as grocery delivery. Users can pay through cash or card on the app.


Fatafat is an all in one on-demand delivery platform that allows users to easily and quickly order various types of products including food and groceries. Users can explore a variety of offers everyday.

The app also has a feature wherein users are rewarded with loyalty points that can be exchanged for discounts in the marketplace.

Image: farah_blogs


Ahlan, meaning “greetings and welcome” in Arabic, is a unique loyalty program that appreciates and credits members when they dine-in or order online from restaurants.

Ahlan Members can accumulate credit and spend it at their will in any of the featured restaurants. As a member, you will be rewarded for your loyalty by receiving “cash back” credit with a minimum 5% of the total value of each order.


DINE IN is a platform designed by restaurateurs. Enjoy premium meals from Bahrain’s finest restaurants with the tap of a finger. The app only accepts contactless payments at the moment to ensure safety.


Discover hundreds of food outlet menus with Notlob. From 5 star restaurants, fast food chains to street cafes, you can have it all. This app doesn’t charge for delivery which is something unique from its competitors.