5 Foundation Tips From Pro Makeup Artists for Dry, Winter Skin

Foundation is hard enough without having to worry about “Winter Face.” It’s what becomes of our faces six months out of the year…


…the dryness, dullness, inexplicable oily patches, blotchiness, and flaking that result from getting slapped in the face with freezing winds outside and having the moisture sapped from your skin by dry, stale, heated air inside. Even worse, when you apply foundation in an effort to hide all that horribleness, it can often accentuate those dry patches and end up looking weirdly cakey. Here are the tricks makeup artists rely on to make skin look less awful — great, even — during the colder months.


1. Apply moisturizer before you get in the shower.

“The steam in the shower will help to plunge that moisturizer into the skin.” —Marina Gravani, who works with Mariah Carey.

2. Use a toner before foundation.

“I tone and remove any flakes with a natural cotton pad soaked in REN Rosa Centifolia 3-in-1 Cleansing Water.” —Suzy Gerstein, who works with Camilla Belle and Julie Bowen

3. Moisturize strategically.

“I start with my regular moisturizer, then press a balmy, thicker treatment moisturizer in places that need it (typically around the nose, cheeks, forehead). I let it soak in and then blot with a one-ply tissue to remove the excess before starting foundation.” —Nina Park, who works with Bella Thorne and Bella Hadid

4. Use a cream formula instead of powder.

“Cream foundations tend to hold a little more moisture and give skin a nice dewy, hydrated finish. I like Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation and Bobbi Brown Foundation Sticks.” —Brandie Hopstein, who works with Becky G. and Pia Mia

5. Use a dampened Beautyblender to apply foundation.

“When you use a Beautyblender, never rub, since this will promote flakiness and irritate skin that is sensitive and dry during the winter months. Press the foundation into your skin.” —Tyron Machhausen, who works with Jessica Stam and Karlie Kloss


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