5 Foolproof Tips for Barely-There Makeup That Looks Effortless

Finding the right products to wear when you’re going for natural-looking makeup can be more complex than you think.

Moisturize First

Creating a clean base for your makeup is very important. After washing your face, moisturizer benefits your skin by hydrating and promoting anti-aging benefits. By bathing your skin in nutrients before applying coverage, you’re creating a smoother palette that your foundation or concealer can seamlessly blend into.

Keep Your Coverage Minimal

Hide away any dark circles, fine lines, or blemishes with a concealer. This will disguise imperfections and leave your skin looking flawless, or in other words—like you found a secretly amazing Instagram filter for your selfie.

Stick to powder or light foundation

When your goal is a barely-there finish, we recommend using a powder or an airy liquid foundation. Thick, cakey makeup doesn’t exactly support the illusion we’re going for. Be sure to apply evenly with a brush or sponge for an even, non-streaky, finish.

Keep your blush subtle

Cream blushes work well because you can build and blend as much as you like for dramatic or subtle color payoff. Depending on your skin color, blush colors will vary, but peaches tend to look great on everyone. Apply to the natural cheekbone line where pink undertones normally show. For most of us, that’s just under the outside of the eye and going toward the temple.

Step away from the liner

While eyeliner is great for a dramatic eye, it doesn’t fit with the natural makeup look. Don’t apply any eyeliner on the top or bottom. Not only will your face look naturally stunning but you’ll love how easy taking off your makeup is!